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Embroidery tips not only for beginners

Keep in mind: a good professional is always learning. That’s why she/he is a good professional. These embroidery tips might come handy.

The first step towards a perfect embroidery is choosing a design relevant to the person’s interest or hobby. If you can find a ready-made design on an embroidery website, the better. If you don’t find one to suit, follow the next step.

Second step: If you don’t do the digitizing yourself, search for a Digitizer with a great reputation. Social media is best to find recommendations, don’t take any Digitizer’s word, it might be not true. Related article:

Embroidery tips – tools and materials you need:

Curved scissors for cutting jump stitches, scissors for applique and scissors for cutting fabric. Use them for the specific task only.

Cover your spools with thread net while embroidering. This will prevent the thread from unraveling too quickly causing thread nesting and needle breaks.

Have at least 10 spare needles, 75/110 and 80/120 are the most commonly used sizes.

Machine oil. Use the oil type which came with your machine or ask your mechanic for an alternative.

Temporary glue, to use when floating garments. Also have smaller clamps and pins for securing them.

A seam-ripper comes handy in case you have to undo some stitches.

Tear-away and cut-away stabilizers, always have them both in stock.

Always check your threads, buy new ones when you start the last spool. It’s very counter-productive and annoying if you run out of thread in the middle of a project.

A good quality steam iron. If you steam the garment before embroidering, the shrinkage happens then, not with the first wash.

I hope my embroidery tips helped you learn something new.

Happy stitching!

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