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Machine embroidery designs- custom digitizing or ready-made design?

Machine embroidery designs– custom design or ready-made?

This is a question every embroiderer had asked at some point. I share my view.

There are millions of ready-made embroidery designs and thousands of websites offering them. Prices vary, you can find good machine embroidery designs for as low as $1, you can find freebies and high priced too. All you have to do is search for the design you want, with a suitable phrase, and you get hundreds of hits. It is worth going 2-3 pages through the hits, the websites showing on the first page are not necessarily the best pages, the results start with sites which have paid advertising. Many designs serve as a base for your personalization, like split monograms, frames, steeple blocks, etc, You can also combine designs- this needs basic knowledge and ownership of digitizing software.

If you can’t find anything suitable (a custom logos or other custom machine embroidery designs), you have to either hire a digitizer or make the design digitizing yourself. Depending on how often you get custom orders, you might be better of hiring an embroidery digitizer instead of doing the digitizing yourself. If you have custom orders frequently, you should consider buying an advanced machine embroidery digitizing software and learn digitizing.

If you consider hiring an embroidery Digitizer, you can find a complete description and tips here:

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